Hollywood’s Biggest Night in Massive Trouble

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Hollywood’s Biggest Night in Massive Trouble Hollywood stars will gather for the 91st annual Academy Awards on Sunday after several years of ratings declines that one report said are making advertisers nervous. Last year, the Oscars grabbed a record-low 26.5 million viewers, down from nearly 33 million in 2017, according to Time. During the lead-up to the 2019 ceremony Sunday, things have gotten so bad that the show is on the edge, Deadline reported, in a piece that relied upon unnamed sources. “The Oscars are still a very big deal, but people aren’t stupid, and year after year of declining ratings are getting us to a danger zone,” Deadline quoted what it called an “insider” as saying. ABC denied that it had to patch up the leaky ratings with guarantees. Jeff Greenfield, co-founder and chief operating officer at the ad tracker C3 Metrics, told Deadline that despite a focus on declining ratings, “People are still going to tune in, whether it’s on TV or on their phones.”

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