Home sales slowing down — Home values will drop by 50% in two years!

Long-term trend: Home values will drop because no one is buying

Housing boom loses steam? Home sales may drop 25% by the end of summer, says analyst

Home sales tumble; higher prices, mortgage rates eroding affordability

The longer housing trend will lead to a big drop in home values, probably up to a 50% drop in two years. Here’s why…

-Most Americans already can’t afford to buy a home.

-Blackrock, Vanguard, and other Wallstreet robber barons have been propping up the housing market by over-paying for large quantities of real estate all over America in the past decade. If there wasn’t a housing bubble before, well now there is one!

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-Generation Z is making less money than their parents and they tend to be more minimalist. They’re also having smaller families or not having families at all.

In other words, don’t plan on your house selling a decade from now because it won’t. There won’t be any buyers, unless you’re willing to sell for really low.

Home Sales are DONE.


5.1 Billion potential home buyers have vaccinated themselves OUT of the MARKET.



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