Home School Excellence – The New Movement for Higher Intelligence?

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by Thinker
I have been a supporter of home schooling for many years. There is one overriding reason: the quality of the education can exceed, in many cases, what is offered in public or private schools. There are, of course, other reasons. For example, parents who are dedicated to educating their own children will take part in a great adventure. Although the experience will present many challenges and struggles, the potential rewards are enormous on several levels. With all this in mind, I offer an advanced Logic & Analysis course to home-schooling parents and to parents who provide extra tutoring after the regular school day.
These well-shaped courses will present vital material on the art and skill of LOGIC.
In most schools, the subject of logic has been lost. Therefore, the ability to analyze written and spoken material has faded into obscurity. During my 30 years as a reporter, I’ve run into hundreds and hundreds of claims in which evidence has been lacking. I’m talking about vague, partial, and fragmentary evidence being accepted as complete. To put it another way, people argue for a particular position, and in support of that position, they offer proof which isn’t really proof.
When you understand and can apply logic, you see through this false proof quickly.
Once upon a time:
Are home-schooled children smarter?
Research conducted by Sandra Martin-Chang, an assistant professor in Concordia’s Department of Education, shows that children who were home-schooled scored higher than their peers in seven different subjects. In this segment, she discusses the challenges and rewards of assuming responsibility for your child’s learning with Wendi Hadd, a sociology teacher at John Abbott College who home-schooled her children.

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3 thoughts on “Home School Excellence – The New Movement for Higher Intelligence?

  1. Fantastic book to read about the reasons our current education system sucks and what to do about it is, ‘The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America: A Chronological Paper Trail’, by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt.

  2. Home schooling can be fine if the parent is a gifted and understands something about a wide variety of topics.
    Does anyone really think that describes the average parent?
    And even with a gifted and dedicated parent, homeschooling limits severely social inter-reactions and learning.
    It is definitely not something to take up as a popular cause.

    • Public schooling would be fine if the teachers were gifted and taught the actual subject matter instead of being SJWs teaching useless classes in “gender studies” or Star Trek vs Stars Wars., or otherwise propagating social theories. A great example of how awesome public school teaching is in, for instance, math; McDonald’s replaced all their standard cash registers with ones with pictures on the buttons instead of numbers, because regular addition of numbers was too complex for their average employees. Lol This was YEARS ago,it isn’t any better.
      There is one school activity you won’t find in home schools; active shooter drills. Lol

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