Homeland Security Official Document on the Investigation of Hunter Biden!

This official report is 100% proof Joe Biden’s Involvement with corrupt Russian And Chinese parties, regardless of any election fraud claims…. CAN NOT!!….Legally run as a presidential candidate.

Hunter Biden opened a bank account with Gongwen Dong to fund a $100,000 global spending spree with James Biden and Sara Biden.

Hunter Biden had business associations with Ye Jianming, Gongwen Dong, and other Chinese nationals linked to the Communist government and the People’s Liberation Army. Those associations resulted in millions of dollars in cash flow.

Hunter Biden paid nonresident women who were nationals of Russia or other Eastern European countries and who appear to be linked to an “Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring.”

On April 16, 2014, Vice President Biden met with his son’s business partner, Devon Archer, at the White House. Five days later, Vice President Biden visited Ukraine, and he soon after was described in the press as the “public face of the administration’s handling of Ukraine.” The day after his visit, on April 22, Archer joined the board of Burisma. Six days later, on April 28, British officials seized $23 million from the London bank accounts of Burisma’s owner, Mykola Zlochevsky. Fourteen days later, on May 12, Hunter Biden joined the board of Burisma, and over the course of the next several years, Hunter Biden and Devon Archer were paid millions of dollars from a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch for their participation on the board.


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This is why Joe Biden requested unarmed personnel for the inauguration.

He’s scared of a military takeover for his crimes and involvement in corruption he never expected to be exposed.

He was already knee deep in shit but safe until the Hunter Biden laptop surfaced exposing them all.

This could explain the military presence on such a large scale, Joe thinks he’s going to be president but the transition of power will go to the military.

We shall see!


h/t Niji


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