Homicides have soared by 24%, (530% Portland) since Biden took over

Violent crime in America has soared.. The 2021 figures so far show there was a 24 per cent increase in homicides across 34 major US cities in the first quarter of this year. Philadelphia is on track for a record murder rate. Atlanta has seen homicides rise by 41 per cent. And in Portland – home to “Antifa”, where the entire police crowd-control unit recently quit – homicides have gone up 530 per cent.

The causes are obvious. After the murder of George Floyd, the anti-police movement in the US went mainstream.. Claims of “systemic” and “inbuilt” racism spilt out everywhere. As did the follow-on claim that an institutionally racist police force should be abolished. Democrats repeatedly met this demand half way. The New York Police Department alone had its budget cut by $1 billion last year.

At the same time, record numbers of police left the service. Retirements went up by 45 per cent and resignations by 18 per cent. And of course police recruitment nose-dived.

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Centrist Democrats have been badly knocked by a radical and vociferous Left. The realities that this Left’s slogans lead to are now clear for everyone to see





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