Honestly I Don’t Even Think They Want a Functional Military Anymore

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by Chris Black

I can’t even tell, is it malice or just retardation and inability to see all the after effects? Truth be told, we can’t even build our own equipment at this point, as everything we need is in china etc. now

But I guess who are we actually going to fight? Everything is so intertwined no one is going to fight a great power war. If we shot down a Russian fighter tomorrow or vice versa, nothing would actually happen. Might be a lot of stupid petty shit, but not much else. So I guess they really have nothing to lose, I don’t know. 

For example, reducing the demand of U.S. contractors by leveraging foreign resources and operational and fiscal authorities enables demand reduction by reducing the size and weight of packaging requirements for projection from the continental U.S (CONUS). 

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This concept allows 528th SB teams to surge capacity to assist at the TSOC level with operational transitions, exercises, and other short-duration missions. The ability to surge capacity forward when required demonstrates the difference in support philosophies: SOF’s “just-in-time” vs. CF’s “just-in-case” methodologies.

The system is in meltdown mode and is trying to preserve itself at all costs while simultaneously doubling down on the suicidal ideology it has adopted to spite the common people.

Hence, the military becomes a version of the Burger King Kids’ Club and an episode of Captain Planet. The system is managed by spoiled faggots with arrested development. 

The seeds of their demise have been sown. It’s only a matter of time.


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