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Last Saturday, the Biden administration abruptly closed a temporary facility housing nearly 500 unaccompanied illegal immigrant girls in Houston, Texas, a move allegedly due to the “unbearable” conditions of the facility.

The facility is an emergency shelter of the National Association of Christian Churches (NACC), a nonprofit organization focused on disaster services. It’s actually in a warehouse in northern Houston, near the George Bush International Airport. From April 1, NACC opened the shelter as a temporary facility to house unaccompanied girls.

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“[The girls] were more treated like merchandise rather than treated as human beings,” Cesar Espinoza, the executive director of migrant civil rights organization FIEL, told ABC News.

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Espinoza toured the facility a week after it was opened. He said the shelter was “filled just with cots.” The girls were not allowed to get up unless it was for a shower or using the restroom. There was no enough dining space, and their meals were brought to their cots. The “desperation” in the girls’ faces was “unbearable and incredible.”



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