Hospital In Chicago Is Considering A Universal DO-NOT-RESUSCITATE Policy For Infected Patients, Regardless Of Patient Wishes..

Sounds a lot like Italy’s measures.

From the article:

Hospitals on the front lines of the pandemic are engaged in a heated private debate over a calculation few have encountered in their lifetimes — how to weigh the “save at all costs” approach to resuscitating a dying patient against the real danger of exposing doctors and nurses to the virus’s contagion.

The conversations are driven by the realization that the risk to staff amid dwindling stores of protective equipment — such as masks, gowns and gloves — may be too great to justify the conventional response when a patient “codes,” and their heart or breathing stops.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago has been discussing a universal do-not-resuscitate policy for infected patients, regardless of the wishes of the patient or their family members — a wrenching decision to prioritize the lives of the many over the one.


Tim Pool covering this right now… Even CAPS on the same words in the headline lol




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