Hospitals across the US are dangerously low on PPE. Like many here I bought boxes of N95 masks for my own family weeks ago…I’m now donating several boxes to the nearby hospital.

by DontMicrowaveCats

I suggest others consider how much of your supply you actually need for yourself based on expected level of movement.

Like many of you I saw this coming almost 2 months ago, and bought everything then. This call was really tough for me…especially with the uncertainty, and knowing these hospitals had nearly 2 months to prepare enough supplies for an obviously incoming pandemic. But fact is, hospitals around me are already rationing masks down to dangerous levels. Nobody knows when more are coming. I spoke to several nurses, most of them aren’t even being given N95 masks at all while dealing directly with coronavirus patients.

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Looking at it logically. I’m well stocked. I won’t be leaving the house much until this blows over, and I have enough reserve masks left for trips I expect to be taking.

The name of the game right now is ensuring the healthcare system doesn’t get overwhlemed. To do that the workers need protection. Every mask counts and could save a healthcare worker’s life. So I made the call.

I know a lot of people will be reluctant to do so, but I would encourage people to consider how much of their PPE will actually be used, as well as their personal risk levels. You shouldn’t donate everything all at once (as the US will likely catch up on PPE manufacturing eventually in the next several weeks)….but maybe think about giving a bit of what you can for the greater cause, and make sure this thing is over quickly with as little loss of life as possible

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