House Democrat THREATENS Physical Violence Against Donald Trump Jr.

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Rep. John Garamendi, D-Calif., appeared to threaten Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son, on Friday, warning that they better not be in close quarters or they could have a “serious altercation.”

He made those comments on MSNBC while discussing the coronavirus. MSNBC anchor Hallie Jackson had asked the congressman about Trump Jr.’s argument that Democrats were hoping for deaths from the coronavirus so it could end his father’s winning streak.

He should not be near me when he says that,” Garamendi responded. “There would be a serious altercation. That is just totally outrageous. That is totally outrageous.”
“I can assure you that there is not a Democrat or Republican in Congress that wants anybody to be sick,” he added, before saying he was concerned about the administration’s response to the virus.

John Garamendi
I joined @HallieJackson on @MSNBC this morning to discuss a briefing I received from the administration this morning on the Coronavirus. You can watch our discussion below:



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