House Passes Bill To Fund $1.9 Billion For ‘Additional Security’ At U.S. Capitol

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The House passed a bill 213 – 212 that will provide $1.9 billion for “additional security measures” at the U.S. Capitol.

Texas Republican Rep. Lance Gooden argued that Democrats would rather spend money on a wall ”around this building in D.C.” than they would on finishing a border wall advocated by Trump.

The bill includes money for new fencing that would protect the grounds while removing the current perimeter.

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The legislation says the money cannot be used to install permanent above-ground fencing.

Other improvements would be to better secure windows and doors, install new security vestibules and cameras, and protect members with increased security at home and in Washington, as threats against them have doubled in the last year.

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But wait, there’s plenty of other “liberal goodies” in the bill.



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