HOUSING CRASH – PREPARE FOR BLACKOUT – Pre-planned EMP Event Against US and Societal Collapse

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by prepperfortress

An EMP following a nuclear detonation is an American nightmare from Hell — yet it’s a growing threat. If it happens expect death, chaos, suicide, riots and “end of the world” panic everywhere.

Is it possible to survive? Yes — for those prepared… How to survive the first three days of total chaos across the former US.
An EMP is an American nightmare from Hell — and it’s a growing threat.
EMP: Electro-Magnetic Pulse is a term being used more often in the news, especially as North Korea’s repeating threats of striking the U.S. with nukes make headlines. The alarming progress of this outlaw nation’s nuclear weapons and ICBM programs has much of the world rightfully worried. We should be more than worried though.

The danger to the United States is particularly consequential due to the close military cooperation of North Korea and Iran. Their combined capabilities, as demonstrated recently, could very well signal a future nuclear attack of the electromagnetic pulse type, for which the U.S., at the moment, is totally unprepared.

The threat to the United States from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack — the high-altitude detonation of a nuclear weapon over the United States — is so potentially catastrophic that both the 2004 and 2008 reports of the Congressional EMP Commission said so openly — probably in the hope that the public warning would spur the nation and the Department of Defense to action.

The recent North Korean nuclear and the Iranian ballistic missile tests are serious deadly threats to the United States. North Korea’s latest bomb test is being widely dismissed by “experts” because the apparent yield is around 10 kilotons or less – which just so happens to be exactly the right amount for an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) explosion.

A wave of death has begun

The death wave that researchers predicted has begun. Previously thriving, culturally rich cities have become tombs of unburied dead. The urban gangs, AntiFa thugs and Jihadists are now seeing battle and real fighting as they try to carry their violence into the heartland. It is once again 1850 and the cowboys, pioneers and bravest of the brave are once again striving to survive and hopefully begin the American dream again. Life will go on.

But for many, now it’s war across a collapsed empire.

As Rome fell and experienced violence, death and chaos, so to will the U.S. see it if an EMP ever takes place.

And if we know the consequences of an EMP over America, so to do our enemies. With an EMP, they can finally take us down.

The recent military writings and exercises of potential adversaries would combine EMP with cyber-attacks, sabotage, and kinetic attacks against the national electric grid and other critical infrastructures.

While the Pentagon is moving to shield its global air defense command from being knocked out by an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, the Obama administration has failed to act on urgent recommendations to protect the country’s civilian electronic infrastructure from a similar catastrophe, they write.

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“An EMP strike, most likely from the detonation of a nuclear weapon in space, would destroy unprotected military and civilian electronics nationwide, blacking out the electric grid and other critical infrastructure for months or years,” Cooper and Pry write.

“The staggering human cost of such a catastrophic attack is not difficult to imagine.”

The likeliest source of such an attack would be North Korea or Iran, according to Cooper, former director of the Strategic Defense Initiative, launched by the late President Ronald Reagan, and Pry, executive director of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security and a veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The EMP Commission also warned that the Department of Defense has failed to maintain adequate EMP protection for U.S. military forces since the end of the Cold War:

“The end of the Cold War relaxed the discipline for achieving EMP survivability within the Department of Defense, and gave rise to the perception that an erosion of EMP survivability of military forces was an acceptable risk. EMP simulation and test facilities have been mothballed or dismantled, and research concerning EMP phenomena, hardening design, testing, and maintenance has been substantially decreased. However, the emerging threat environment, characterized by a wide spectrum of actors that include near-peers, established nuclear powers, rogue nations, sub-national groups, and terrorist organizations that either now have access to nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles or may have such access over the next 15 years have combined to place the risk of EMP attack and adverse consequences on the US to a level that is not acceptable.”

Many other Americans will be in trouble also — especially those due for refills of important medication they rely on to live; this includes diabetics (which there are a lot of nowadays) who have to store their insulin medication under refrigeration as it goes bad quickly when not kept at a constant, cool temperature. Many diabetics will die as a result of the EMP.

Expect immediate panic — crazed “end of the world” panic

A population that suspects that an EMP has occurred will begin to panic almost immediately. FEMA had its hands full with hurricane relief response in Texas and Puerto Rico and a situation on a national scale will be completely unmanageable with no communications, transportation or airlift capability.

Responsible survivalists know that a 72 hour evacuation kit (commonly called a get home bag) is an always necessity. Even if they have relocated to a safer place, conditions can change from weather, fire or hostile groups and the need to leave immediately is a harsh reality. The deepest bunker, the most fortified home or best supply of food and ammunition will eventually be overcome by desperate and lawless gangs.

Rioting hordes descend on anyone with food and supplies
Cities will progress rapidly from panicked food seekers to rioting hordes. Fires will break out and because first responders depend on the very equipment that will no longer operate, the fires will spread. Even the most efficient and courageous fire fighters can only work to contain spreading fires such as witnessed in California today.

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Nuclear meltdowns will force evacuations of millions

Adding to this, nuclear reactors will go into meltdown due to lack of electricity after emergency power generators shut down. Fires and nuclear fallout will add to the devastation.

Imagine yourself and your family, forced from your home, with nothing more than the few supplies you were able to carry amongst yourselves. Then imagine being shuttered into a community center with thousands of other families, displaced from their homes as well, relying on what few supplies the government could provide.

If you live a comfortable middle-class lifestyle in a first world country, this situation sounds preposterous, doesn’t it? It is not. Families, just like yours, faced this exact plight on December 20, 2013, when a massive ice storm hit parts of central Canada and the U.S., crippling many cities and leaving tens of thousands without power for days, sometimes weeks. Those who were prepared for such an event, having items such as blankets and medications to bring with them, fared much better than their ill-prepared counterparts.

In today’s modern society, we’ve come to rely almost implicitly on having a dependable source of power. When power fails, it causes utter and complete chaos for those not fortunate enough to have had the foresight to prepare.

Food and Water Preps

One of the biggest threats to your survival and a big reason to prep your home for blackouts has to do with food and water. In today’s society, we have come to rely heavily on running water in the home and the electrical refrigeration and freezing of food as a way to preserve it.

Keep in mind that if your freezer is full and you keep the door closed, food will stay frozen for approximately two days. But if your freezer is only half full when the power goes out that time drops to about twenty-four hours. Once you see food starting to partially thaw, you will need to cook it.

have an alternative way of cooking food, especially for those with electric stoves. Refrigerators and freezers don’t work without electricity which means stockpiling canned foods and home canned foods are a great weapon in your arsenal to prep your home for blackouts. A propane or charcoal BBQ grill is a great back up cooking method during blackouts because its size will allow you to cook that meat from the freezer quite quickly. Some people choose to build a solar-powered oven which is great if climate allows for it.


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