How bad is the housing crisis in Vancouver? Bidding wars for Campers

Seriously, people that work full time can’t afford to rent a place within commutable distance to their job, so now that everyone is priced out of the rental and real estate market, they are trying to buy RVs and mobile living spaces.

This guy breaks it down pretty well, coming soon to Seattle and other libtard cities south of the border. Thanks China!!

Yes it is. And it’s going to get worse. Right now, there is a guy, an electrician, works and makes good money but he is living in an RV that he parks on the street in the neighborhood, discreetly because he can’t find a place to live. He bought it last year after couch surfing with friends for over a year. Every available apartment has hundreds of applicants, and they bid up the price out of reach of most people. He can’t even find a spot to rent in an RV park, and people are booking campsites and living there, pricing out people that actually want to go camping.

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But my next door neighbors are immigrants from Africa, they are on the dole and get their rent paid for by people like the guy who works and pays taxes while living in an RV.



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