How can “We the People” trust our government when they lie to our face and each other about our President on live TV?

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by Xeven

How can “We the People” trust our government when they lie about our President on live TV?
Not one bit of testimony or documents provides objective evidence that the President was seeking Political favor for exchange of US foreign aid.
Every single witness that actually was part of the entire Ukraine call and negotiations have said that the President NEVER told them or asked them or mentioned to them to negotiate political favor in exchange for US money.

The witnesses willfully admitted that they themselves created the the quid quo pro with their own presumptions and little minds without any influence to do so from the President or even Rudy Giuliani.
Not one witness says that Rudy aske them, insinuated or ordered them to negotiate US money for Political favors or personal benefit of the President.

Yes, we have our elected leaders literally making it all up as they go. Putting words that the President never spoke into public record as if he said them. This is fraud.
They have spent now hundreds of millions of our tax payer dollars on this hoax and attempted soft coup.

We deserve and need to demand they stop it. It is eating us alive. It should even be illegal as it is inspiring insurrection on both sides. Fraud waste and abuse as well.


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