How Can You Get More Leads Through Social Media?

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Social media has evolved from being a mere platform for youngsters to share their selfies. The platform has worked on making businesses gain more leads. What are the leads? By leads, we refer to the people who like and react to your posts from your business profile. What happens then is your sales team takes over and goes on to interact with them. They can instigate sales and help in designing the products to suit them. Learn to select the best social media site for your business and then proceed to lay out your strategies for the optimal lead generation.

How Essential is it to Go for Social Media for Leads? 

For the sales team, leads are vital gateways to getting closer to sales. If you do not help them by routing to the market, they cannot make a sale. Therefore, using social media for the same can generate revenue by great figures. 

You will find the leads generated from social media to be more accurate since they will be age and geography-specific. It is significant to get appropriate leads to suit your product. As many as 24% of the businesses used social media and reported an increase in revenue. So, without much ado, let us check on the ways to generate leads.

  • Run Easy Contests 

It is proven that when users get a chance to test their luck and brains, they enjoy it more. Run simple quizzes or contests. To enter, the users might have to share their mail address, phone number, or even tag a couple of friends. This is the drill and since your customer is doing so much, the reward must be good too. You must ensure the prize is worth it and you reward them. If you are planning a contest, make sure to ask some thought-provoking questions to get them involved. 


  • Create Ad Campaigns 

As per the statistics, around 90 percent of the US companies have used social media ads for marketing. Agreeably, it is cost-effective and more result-oriented than others. It is ideal to use social media since the costs are less, and yet, the visibility is great and without wasting much time too. The social media ads, especially Facebook ads, are easy to offer you some valuable leads. You can even engage with the customers who show interest or like and follow your page. 


On Facebook, you can filter out the information you want to access your leads while giving them more access. Likewise, you can even go for using LinkedIn to post your stories and if you are keen on using it for marketing your brand, you can do it with ease. There is a possibility to make ad campaigns on Instagram and re-share it on Facebook for cross-platform efficacy. In case you need to offer customers to fill in forms, you can do it better. There are pre-populated forms on Facebook and Instagram where you can get the best information from your customers or targeted customers. 


  • Have a Live Video or a Webinar 

You can go for Hashtags to run through the live event and give access to only your followers or everyone. These are essential for you to help you recognize and interact with your customers. The live videos are ideal for interested people to sign up or register for free by providing their email. This helps in enlisting them in your email groups. 


  • Create A Facebook Custom Tab 

Marketers can use the custom tab creation for generating leads. These allow you to create tabs or forms where you can directly allow people to register or sign up for a contest. Since you run the contests, you need not ask people or redirect them to any other page and do the registration right on your Facebook page. 74% of the companies use web forms for lead generation, and as much as 49.7% have claimed to generate leads through these online forms. 


  • Buy Instagram Views 

You might not be aware, but there are ways to buy Instagram views. Does it help in generating leads? Yes, it does. Firms are offering legitimate ways to increase views and that too in organic ways. These firms have teams to take steps and bring in real accounts to view your posts and page. This will increase the visibility of your posts. It will also trigger the Instagram’s algorithm to show your videos more on the site. This will get your video to be a talking point and present with more leads for your business. Your marketers should be active in answering the queries that interested people have on the post or in DM. 


  • Give Importance to Call to Action 

Whether it is your Facebook profile or Instagram page, you need to give it a priority. You cannot ignore or use it as a place to show your products when you launch any. This will need to have a custom tab and even a ‘Sign up’ button or the ‘Shop Now’ button for the ultimate generation. 

With these result-oriented ways, you can never go wrong with your social media for lead generation. You will nevertheless need to be on your toes and have people comment and respond to queries. Do not let the customer lose interest by responding late. 



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