How CNN And Media Are Pushing Democrats Far Left For Ratings

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CNN And Media Mainstreams Far Left Ideology Forcing Democrats To Back INSANE ideas. Far Left activist types routinely get defended by the mainstream media. These companies produce content that they think will drive ratings and in turn support whatever may be more sensational at the time.

You would think there would be a line for Democrats but as long as the media continues to defend certain groups and activists the Democrats will have no choice but to stand behind these groups, even members of their own party.

CNN for instance has had guests and their own personalities defend the far left on several occasions.

As long as CNN provides cover for these far leftists people will be afraid to speak out fearing the consequences of far left escalation as well as media smears. If CNN and others continue to recycle their own propaganda these groups will never be called out

This in turn will create a political class in the Democratic party catering to what they think is normal but is really just a fringe group that no one will call out. When major news outlets consume their own fake news it will only get worse.



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