How do you Explain to Friends and Family About the Intensifying Grand Solar Minimum

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As the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies, there comes a point when we will need to explain to our friends and family the situation. The indoctrinatio has been so complete through the media and school system that few will listen, so how do we get others to listen or consider the dea taht the Sun drives the climate and during the next 20 years our Earth will cool and reduce crop yields globally which will destabilize society acrocc every antion. I have no answers only ideas, I hope we can compare thoughts moving forward.

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8 thoughts on “How do you Explain to Friends and Family About the Intensifying Grand Solar Minimum

  1. And the scientific idiots want to put an aerosole into the sky to BLOCK the sun’s rays… keep the earth from heating up!!!! What for idiocity is this????

    • They have already been doing that for years. Them announcing that they want to do it is only an attempt to legitimize it. Besides, it doesn’t matter what they say about anything. It’s all bullshit just to keep everyone running in circles.

          • My friend is an ex AF firefighter from the Nam era that is a real know it all. He is so argumentative it’s pathetic. How can you deal with someone that? I have even pointed them out in the sky and he still screams at me I am wrong….everything is an argument with him. I can’t talk much to him but he DID take me to the eye doctor and to the eye surgeon to have both of my cataracts removed so I can’t completely stop talking to him. I spent 9 different trips and around 900 miles in my car with him…..two years ago. He does have his saving graces though……considering I could not drive myself as I could barely see!!!! And yes he did drive like a maniac giving driving lessons to those slow drivers at the top of his lungs!!! To put it mildly those trips were trips thru hell and back.

          • In the end, you can see and he can’t. If I have learned anything it is that you can’t force this shit on people. You can only toss out bits of info here and there with the hopes that something will click someday. The discovery or the moment of awakening has to be done on their own. Then ease them into it. Trying to make them see has a reverse effect of what you are trying to do. I try to do it on a subliminal level so it is not obvious what I’m doing but something will happen down the road and trigger a reference to something I said. Hopefully. The sad thing is that people are much more easily prone to accept the lies than the truth because the liars have weaponized the media.

          • Believing in “chemtrails” is at par with believing in global warming. DO your research! STUDY it. I used to think chemtrails were real but they are NOT. Frozen water. That’s it. Wanna try and prove me wrong? You got nothing. Nada. Zip. You believe in a bullshit conspiracy theory. Im nto saying “weather-modification” is NOT REAL. But if you think they are spraying themselves and us with passenger jets filled with barium and aluminum – well you’re not paying attention and your belief is on par with manmade global warming. Its BULLSHIT.

          • He does not own a computer or laptop and only gets his news from the boobtube and thinks whatever he’s seen on tv is gospel. His one niece is a queer and his other niece is married to a beaner. His older sister scammed him for $7K+ plus all his labor to fix up her Austin Tx home so she could supposedly sell it and move here to Ohio. That was 2 years ago….and she hasn’t sold her $350K mini mansion in Austin or paid back dime one to him. She’s a real sob story queen…..

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