How Does it Feel to be an Ukrainian 8 Years After the US Sponsored Maidan Coup?

by Chris Black

Do the Ukrainians feel dumb for their stupid revolution yet?

I mean, it was a State Department/Victoria Nuland/the usual suspects operation from the beginning, but the “people” kind of loved it.

If you ask me, it seems like the country has been worse by any metric since they “elected” a couple of jewish presidents (yes the one before Zelensky was also from the tribe):

>less territory

>infrastructure blown to shit

>MORE Russian influence (the violent kind)

>full mobilization to die for some comedian who got elected on a peace platform and broke his promises from day one (henlo Obama)

>NO chances of actually getting a EU membership and forget about NATO (if you’re honest to yourself)

>enough debt to last the next hundred years

>can’t tell anybody you’re Ukrainian anymore without getting the stink eye

If the Ukrainians had stuck to the agreements they made and not threatened that they were going to get nukes, then the Russians wouldn’t have invaded them.

That plus literally years of persecuting, shelling and murdering the Russian population in Donbas.

The whitewashing of Ukrainian history that has happened is astonishing.

Right before the war, the mainstream press was openly talking about the Ukraine being the most corrupt country in Europe and the center of so much of the crime, human trafficking, child sex slavery, etc., even ranking it more corrupt than Russia, which is also very corrupt by Western standards.

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Was it really worth destroying your people and your country to cheat on a deal (Minsk agreements) and have this temper tantrum?

There is no “winning” for the Ukraine at this point. The country is done for.

The problem for Ukraine is that Russia has the escalatory powers far beyond where we are now.

Ukraine does not. Ukraine is already maxed out.

It’s like you challenging one guy from a gang to a fist fight. If he feels like it he can pull a weapon or have others join in, while you are already maxed out in what you can do just swinging your hands.

Ukraine is absolutely f*cked for ten generations to come.

Its people are gone. Its infrastructure is gone. Its power is gone. Its industry is gone.

It’s had mass death from its choices in this.

There’s no return to status quo for them now and it is their own choices that made this happen.

They could have stuck to the old deals or made new ones instead of picking a fight.

I’m sure it will cost Russia too but what help is that when your country and people are destroyed in the process and you could have just made a simple deal instead?

If Ukrainians had any f*cking clue, they would have just assassinated Zelensky already, and promised Putin that they would never try to join NATO.

To make a long story short: the Ukrainians are very dumb leaderless peasants, and no, they will never feel dumb because you would need a certain capacity of self-reflection to realize that you are dumb.

You got psyopped so hard it’s embarrassing.


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