How Forex IB Commission is Evaluated and Paid?


Do you wish to generate a large amount of money quickly but over the long term? Well, affiliate marketing in the forex industry is represented by the constantly growing and extremely profitable currency market. A partnership program known as “Forex Introducing Broker” or “Forex Affiliate” is one that Forex brokers offer. Through this program, people or companies can make money by referring traders to Forex Brokers. Partners begin to receive Forex IB commission when their referred clients open an account and begin trading in the real market. In this article, you will find out how different commission models evaluate IB’s commission.

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Evaluation of commission:

In the world, the currency market is the biggest and most active one, with trillions of dollars changing hands daily between numerous diverse parties. Before you begin trading, it is crucial to comprehend how commission works since this is how the majority of forex brokers generate their money. However, the party who initiates the deal pays the commission, which is often a percentage of the trade value. You receive more in forex IB commission fees if your clients invest more in forex and other assets. However, when selecting a broker, it is crucial to take the commission into account as it might affect a trader’s profitability.

Though Forex IB commission is calculated following different commission models, agreed between forex IB and forex broker. As per the chosen commission model, Forex IB commissions may differ. Well, the two most well-known models are the CPA and the Revenue share model. Let’s take a brief look;


  • Cost per action model (CPA):


This strategy is recognized as a highly regarded and reliable commission scheme in the forex affiliate market. The term “Cost per Action Model” or CPA stands for “cost per acquisition.” When the trader you recommended establishes a trading account with the online broker, deposits money into that account, and begins trading, you are paid a charge known as CPA or cost per acquisition. You receive a one-time commission for introducing the new trader; the fee you receive will depend on the nation where your client is located. There are stringent requirements in place to guarantee that the lead is a qualifying lead: The trader must make a minimal investment and perform his initial transaction.

Let’s have a look at the types of CPA;

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  1. Cost per click (CPC)
  2. Cost per lead (CPL)
  3. Cost per install (CPI)


  • Revenue Share Model:


The revenue share model is commonly known as the Spread share model. Plans for revenue share commissions might differ depending on many variables. For the duration of their active status, you receive a portion of all sales, losses, and profits made by your qualified clients. Although this structure appeals to the majority of affiliates owing to the possibility of enormous profits in the future, keep in mind that it also heavily depends on the trading behavior of your lead.

Most Revenue Share programs include a lifetime incentive, which means that as long as the trader you suggested continues to conduct business with the broker, you may continue to receive commission payments in subsequent years.

Which model supports high Forex IB commission?

Which affiliate revenue structure is appropriate for you eventually rely on a variety of factors? Let’s examine the perks of CPA and Revenue Share so you can decide which strategy is best for you.

  • CPA
  • Revenue share
  • The ROI (return on investment) is simple to compute. You’ll know right away what your margin is and how much money you have to increase your advertising.
  • Your ROI is more challenging to figure out. To ensure that you are accurately accounting for losses from returns, you must periodically review your earnings per conversion.
  • Depending on the terms, you might make less money, but your income is stable and much more predictable.
  • With revenue sharing, your commissions can be better.
  • CPA offers low risk. Therefore, affiliates sometimes prefer this commission model.
  • Revenue Share has more risk. You have to do the arithmetic to make sure you can turn a profit.
  • The best affiliates may get recurring income and a larger share of overall sales from revenue share.


 Since you are aware of the key distinctions between CPA and Revenue Share by now, you must make the challenging decision of selecting the ideal compensation structure for your company.

The simplest method to choose if you’re just starting out is to identify your objective by addressing yourself these doubts:

  • How would you describe your company?
  • What are your immediate and broader objectives?
  • You’re referring to: Clients? , Link-based affiliate traffic? Or your personal trading supporters?

Making the decision between CPA and Revenue Share will be much simpler once you have the answers to these questions.

Final Words:

Forex affiliates, also known as broker affiliates, have a great probability to earn an infinite commission in the forex marketplace. If you are an active IB with a sizable client base or generate a significant amount of trading volume through your referrals, there may be an opportunity to become a VIP partner and receive improved, specially-tailored partnership conditions in addition to higher forex IB commission and other benefits. Besides, a survey shows that forex brokers make a large portion of their profit through the contribution of an IB. However, CMtrading always welcomes you to be partnered with them as an IB.

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