How Google manipulates search to steal elections


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While the focus has been on Twitter and Facebook’s censorship and liberal bias, the worst Big Tech culprit of all has been getting a free pass — and now it’s coming for our children.

That’s the warning from research psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein, a Californian Democrat with a Harvard Ph.D, who has spent the last decade monitoring Google’s manipulation of newsfeeds, search results and YouTube suggestions.

He shared his latest research with The Post when he was in New York this week to raise donations for the next stage of his project.

Epstein’s research shows that Google has the power to change minds and move elections to suit its liberal corporate worldview.

And despite regular protestations of innocence to Congress, the $1 trillion multinational tech giant is using its virtual monopoly as a search engine to elevate liberal views, stifle conservatives and manipulate the impressionable minds of our children.

For instance, he found that YouTube’s “Up Next” suggestions to adults for the next video to watch were biased towards liberal sources 76% of the time.

But for children and teens, initial data from the past three months shows the percentage of suggested videos on YouTube which come from liberal sources is 96%.

“That’s how aggressive they are with our kids,” he said this week. “Because they think they’re gods. And no one has ever taken them to task, ever.”


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