How Immigration Has Impacted New Years Celebrations Around The World

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10 Times Central Europe defied the globalists in the EU on migration and other issues.

Here are 10 times Central Europe stood up to the EU in 2017 –
1 – Rejecting the mandatory migrant distribution plan
After the EU threatened political and financial “consequences” for member states refusing to accept Syrian asylum seekers, the then-prime minister of Poland Beata Szyd?o declared at a summit in March: “The Visegrad group, including Poland, will never agree to blackmail.”
Th European Court of Justice (ECJ) threw out a complaint by Hungary and Slovakia over the migrant quotas in the same week in September that European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker rejected Orbán’s request for support from the bloc for his border wall. However, neither decision has dented the Viségrad’s resolve.
2 – Opposing managed mass migration from the Third World
Rather than responding to the threat of the next migrant crisis by shoring up the continent’s borders, the EU has opted for a managed mass migration and reforms to its asylum system that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán denounced in October as the “institutionalisation of migration and the opening up of the European Union’s external borders” and vowed to stand by Central Europe’s “sensible” migration policies.
3 – Saying ‘no’ to multiculturalism, ‘yes’ to protecting Christian Europe… 
The globalist bloc’s commitment to multiculturalism was rejected in August by Poland when Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski told the EU that they would accept migration and refugees from culturally similar nations like Ukraine, “[but] we do not want to participate in the mandatory process of relocation of migrants coming from the Middle East and Africa”.
The sentiment was echoed by then-Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka who said he did not want the country’s Muslim population to grow: “When we see problems in other European countries, we do not want Muslims in the Czech Republic.”
Then on October 7th, in a spectacular commemoration of the anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto where “the Christian fleet overcame the Muslim armada, saving Europe from Islamisation”, a million Catholics prayed along the Polish border, in what the left-wing media deemed a “problematic expression of Islamophobia”.
4 – …and ‘no’ to the terrorism that comes with mass migration
After witnessing two years of terror in progressive Western EU member states committed by Muslim migrants and asylum seekers, Poland’s Interior Minister Mariusz B?aszczak said in April his government would not allow the “bloody harvest” of multiculturalism to come to its borders.
One month earlier, Hungary’s Orbán called mass migration from the Middle East a “Trojan Horse of terrorism” and denounced the EU Court of Human Rights as “a threat to the security of the European people and an invitation to migrants”.

Trump’s 2018 immigration plan: Overhaul the system and build the border wall

President Trump’s second year in office likely will focus on overhauling the legal immigration system, after combatting illegal immigration during his first year.
The first 11 months of the Trump presidency were focused on enhancing border security, interior enforcement, and national security.
“The president has made it clear that my number one priority as secretary of homeland security is to protect America from all threats. Making America safe starts with securing our borders, increasing interior immigration enforcement, protecting our communities, and dismantling transnational criminal organizations,” recently confirmed Kirstjen Nielsen told the Washington Examiner.
The number of illegal immigrants who Customs and Border Protection officers apprehended at U.S. borders dropped 24 percent from fiscal 2016 to fiscal 2017 to the lowest level since 1971.
In January, Trump issued an executive order that rescinded an order by former President Barack Obama that had loosened deportation priorities. Obama’s Priority Enforcement Program created a tier system that prioritized criminal illegal immigrants for deportation. Trump’s change allows Immigration and Customs Enforcement to target virtually any illegal immigrant who has had a run-in with the law. ICE reported a 92 percent increase in the number of criminals deported in fiscal 2017.
“Illegal immigration has declined dramatically over the last year under President Trump,” said acting DHS press secretary Tyler Q. Houlton. He credited the department’s “review of procedural, policy, regulatory and legislative changes,” some of which have been approved and will be implemented soon.


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