How India Could TRIGGER the Global Economic Collapse! Billions in Bad Loans EXPOSED!

Do you see India partnering with China more so as time goes on?

India is a country with a massive population and huge growth potential over the long term. Their economic growth has been at a rate much faster than the West and that’s expected for any emerging market.There have been many challenges along the way and surely many more will arrive in the future. There is a looming disaster, just off in the distance.


India GDP Growth Rate | 1996-2018 | Data | Chart | Calendar | Forecast

India Unemployment Rate | 1983-2018 | Data | Chart | Calendar | Forecast

India Population | 1950-2018 | Data | Chart | Calendar | Forecast | News

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India banking crisis: experts say growth opportunity for private banks

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Scandals, Bad Debts at India Banks Threaten Economic Outlook – Bloomberg

Asia’s Richest Banker Spots a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity – Bloomberg

oil prices: India, China in talks to form bloc against Opec – Times of India

Oil-Importing Countries Need a Cartel to Challenge OPEC – Bloomberg

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