How many of those furious owners voted for those city leaders?

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San Francisco keeps private gyms closed, but has reopened city-owned gyms. Furious owners call out city leaders.

San Francisco gyms have been forced by the liberal city to remain closed for months as part of measures implemented to reduce the spread of coronavirus. But city leaders have applied different rules for fitness facilities used by city employees.

According to KNTV-TV, city-owned indoor gyms have been open for months, all while privately owned indoor gyms have struggled to stay afloat. The result, KNTV reported, is “crushing private gym owners.”

Daniele Rabkin, who owns Crossfit Golden Gate, told KNTV the city’s actions are “shocking” and “infuriating.”

Rabkin reportedly learned that city-owned gyms had reopened after texting several police officers, offering them her gym to work out. The officers told Rabkin that the fitness center at the police station was up and running — with enhanced safety protocols, of course.


COMMENTARY: We Have Had Enough Lockdown.

“Almost a half a year ago, Americans were asked to suspend their personal freedoms, business pursuits, and schooling for 15 days to ‘flatten the curve’ of rising cases of the novel coronavirus. Americans, fearful of the unknown and willing to do what they imagined was the right thing to protect themselves and their family, acquiesced. That was 172 days ago. What has happened since will be studied and debated for decades with one likely conclusion: Global lockdowns, particularly in the United States, were one of the costliest man-made disasters of all time. . . . Students and teachers are back to school in Wuhan, the source of the plague, while our kids prepare to remain secluded and chained to laptops for the rest of the calendar year. Meanwhile, grown adults argue over a stupid freaking visit to a hair salon.”

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