How many of you are finally realizing that things will never go back to normal?

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by chiamalogio

It hit me hard tonight. This is it ladies and gentlemen. This is the big one. Things are never going back to normal.

All the conspiracies were true. Alex Jones was right all this time. This. Is. It. There’s no doubt in my mind anymore. They are doing it. NWO master plan? Yep. Enslave Humanity and microchip people? Maybe.

Bill Gates pushing for Worldwide Governance and micro chipped vaccines? Yep.

Global worldwide Depression on the horizon that will last for 3 to 5 years? Yep. I’m really struggling to accept that it’s happening now and that it’s all true. I’d rather go back in time, a couple of months ago when all this shit was just schizo rambling on /pol/ and where we could just fantasize about it.

I don’t think that most of you really realize yet how shitty the next couple of years will be. We’re talking decades to recover from this crisis. But here we are. It’s all fucking true. And it’s happening now. I will admit that I can’t still truly believe that it’s happening. But it is.

First I thought, Hydroxychloroquine would save the day, but it isn’t. I’ve come to the realization that this is the big one that we have all been preparing for all these years.

My family called me a today to beg me for masks. Thankfully, I was prepared for it and I’ve just spent the last 4 hours, driving around distributing them with instructions.

It hit me real hard today. This is not a joke anymore, not conspiratorial anymore. I’m surrounded by people that fear for their life and asking me for help. I could feel the fear in their voice. I don’t know how to express all this, but I need to vent about it here. It was never funny of course. But the seriousness of it all, really hit me hard today. I hope that some of you can relate to my personal experience. Deep in my heart, I know it. And I am sure that many of you are feeling the same right now.


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