How MSM decides what shootings to report:

by newaccttrial

I’m a democrat and I believe in some gun control. I respect views of others. Don’t want to debate for now.

But honestly if I ran a MSM outlet I’d actually do a series of specials on what’s going on in inner cities. It’s gotten better since the 1990s but it’s still bad. Kids die. It’s not just gang bangers. And yes, those cities have gun laws. Why aren’t they enforced more harshly?

There are no easy answers here but I do agree there is hypocrisy (a conspiracy) to not cover the tens of thousands of deaths that happen each year from guns and only focus on a few events.

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Uvalde sucks. Chicago sucks. Veteran suicides suck. Can’t we admit they all suck and work on a way to fix them?

And maybe the answer isn’t more gun laws and I’m wrong. Won’t be first or last time.

But we should really start covering all gun shootings if we’re serious about fixing them.


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