How politicians get filthy rich (by rigging the system)

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How do politicians really get rich? I’m sure you probably won’t be surprised to hear there’s a lot of money in politics. But how it gets thrown around will probably surprise you, like it did me.

Over the last few years, politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Kelly Loeffler, and Richard Burr have been in the firing line for their investments, and how they make money. And with good reason: whereas investing legends like Warren Buffett regularly “only” make 20% returns per year, some politicians are making closer to 70%, making many people accuse them of insider trading.

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But what’s really going on? And are politicians using their positions of privilege to line their pockets? I’ll try and answer that here.

Let me know your thoughts below.

0:00 – Do you trust your leaders?
1:02 – How much politicians are worth
2:07 – Nancy Pelosi’s riches
4:58 – Politicians are great investors
6:50 – Getting rich from lobbying
9:25 – Some final thoughts

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