How the “NEWS” Media GAVE Mainstream America COVID and WHY!

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Story after story of COVID OUT OF CONTROL! I just read a story from our wonderful media talking about how even IOWA is now out of control!

They are also telling us how NOW liberal bastions of the North East have actually “tamped down” the virus while and take note of this, “TRUMPS AMERICA” is out of control. Few will ask why, why is this happening? Even fewer will apply common sense and logic. They want to make certain you blame not only Trump but your local and state Republican leadership…they want you to stay home in November!

The economy had to be CRASHED and it has to STAY CRASHED until November. People MUST remain in the mass hysteria state the media has created until them…why? In order to DEMORALIZE THE TRUMP BASE!

The virus, if you remember was beginning to wane, the pandemic was disappearing and America was opening up again so they had to introduce the “race war” into the equation. That ran it’s (temporary) natural course, they played it as far as they dared knowing Trump was close to employing Federal Troops to stop the Left and their violent mobs so what next?

What could they do to keep the economy down, the hysteria going? AH—tell “Flyover” or “Trump Country” America the virus was now BACK and it was attacking THEM….The message-TRUMP HAD FAILED THEM!

If you read past the HEADLINES you can clearly see their tactic at play. There are a multitude of sources that reveal what they are doing but we all need to point them out and most importantly we need to SHARE THEM WITH EVERYONE WE KNOW!

Here is just one:

County Commissioners discussing the NEW rules for counting Covid cases in TEXAS that began in MAY!

IF you want to hold on to whats left of our nation you better get busy, WE all BETTER…..share the information with loved ones, friends anyone you know…..Trump can’t do this by himself and WE are the only ones capable of spreading the truth!


h/t FeedYourHead

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