How this is worse than 2009?

by bld2527

  1. The whole world is shut down.
  2. US has 50% of jobs at risk.

When the job changes in the coming week are counted it could show a loss of as many as 1 million jobs, according to Kevin Hassett, the former chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisors under President Donald Trump.

That would be significantly worse than the 800,000 jobs lost in March 2009.

3) Massive 2nd, 3rd order effects rippling like friggin lightning across the industries. You have contagion, you have panic potential, you have city lockdowns…

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4) Unless US govt literally starts giving population 1-2K a month, this is gonna be one hell of a ride.

5) They are fighting yesterday’s war. This is not a financial crisis, this is a public health and public panic crisis. You also have the most vulnerable people who live paycheck to paycheck suddently abandoned. Who’s gonna take care of them? What are they gonna do when they literally run out of food and the cities are all closed with no one outside?

This is unprecedented. You think 2018 level is floor? You think 2013 level is floor? S&P at 2500 which is same as a year ago at full employment is floor? Boy, try 2000. Try 1500. You could still walk outside when it was depth of the financial crisis. You could still fly anywhere. You didn’t have a shortage of basic medicines and people not able to get their script refills.

2500… Bull run. Priced in. This is barely first inning playing out. Strap in.

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