How to Choose a Credit Repair Company?

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Consumers whose credit scores are off-target can use paid services to correct them. Credit repair is a thriving industry in the United States, as the fixing is such a demanding process. However, only some companies deserve trust. Which provider will deliver the best results in your situation? Discover the key considerations below.

Can Your Score Be Fixed?

Repair only works for scores affected by reporting errors. If all of your borrowing histories are in order, there is simply nothing to fix. In this case, start rebuilding your reputation as a borrower. While credit repair firms can provide guidance in this realm, this is outside the scope of their core services. 

To see if repair is needed, collect your reports online. The only authorized source is Until April 20, 2022, the files can be downloaded for free once a week. Consider all three sources — Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion — to get the full picture. If you see any inconsistencies, they may be disputed formally.

The next step is finding a reliable provider. Here, you should use different sources of information to compare the offerings — for example, is Credit Saint worth it or not? Note that credit repair takes several months, so you need to make sure you will be getting the best value for money. Pay attention to the following.

  • Reputation and Legal Status

First, make sure you are dealing with a legal business. The website of the Better Business Bureau provides a wealth of information about the history and background of every repair firm. This nonprofit is committed to advancing marketplace trust. If any lawsuits have been filed against the company, you will be notified. The website provides full business details, licensing information, years of operation, accreditation, etc. 

  • Customer Feedback

The BBB complaint section is particularly useful, as you can see reviews registered over the past three years. Check if the company replies to negative feedback and solves the issues mentioned. Recurring problems are a red flag. Note that BBB accreditation is not mandatory for a credit repair business.

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Use other sources, such as user reviews on Trustpilot and Consumer Affairs. Evaluate the comments critically. Even the best providers may get unfavorable feedback occasionally. At the same time, any recurring issues, such as problems with billing, are worth your attention.

  • Service Packages

Most providers offer different tiers of service for basic, moderate, and aggressive repair. Make sure you will not pay for unnecessary add-ons. For example, premium clients may get identity theft protection, a personal budgeting app, score monitoring tools, etc. Every company has its unique system, and only some of the bundles allow unlimited challenges.

How many errors do you need to fix? Normally, a firm will dispute a particular number of items per bureau per billing cycle. For example, you may be able to challenge five items per bureau per month. Thus, clarify your needs first. Many companies offer a free initial consultation, where they can give a tentative assessment. 

  • Pricing

All companies in this industry charge clients on a recurring basis, based on their billing period (typically, a month). You may also be charged a so-called first work fee or startup fee in the beginning. It may be equal to the monthly payment. On average, consumers pay between $79 and $129 per month.

Repair is a multistage process. First, the company will analyze your data to identify any disputable points. Then, it will collect evidence, liaising with the lenders. Finally, it will initiate formal disputes. Every dispute letter launches an internal investigation that takes between 30 and 45 days. Afterward, the bureau rejects the claim or accepts it and makes the required amendments. 

As you can see, changes do not occur overnight. The most basic cases of repair may take around 1.5 months, and complex scenarios require half a year. Consumers are advised to budget for the cost of repair services in advance, so they do not interfere with other payments. Look for the optimal combination of cost, quality, and range of services.

  • Money-Back Policy

Credit repair is not a science, so there are no guaranteed results. The experts may give you a tentative evaluation of possible outcomes, but do not expect to gain a certain number of points over a limited period. This makes refunds crucial. If the provider fails to make changes to your score, you will get your money back.

Usually, the policies cover the first two or three months of service. They are valid unless a single error is removed. Sky Blue Credit Repair has an unbeatable guarantee at the moment, as it is unconditional. Clients may get a refund whatever their motivation.

The Bottom Line

Credit repair is a complex process requiring time and expertise. To find a team of qualified and reliable experts, consider a combination of factors, from status to refunds. Make an informed decision to have your score boosted as soon as possible, but do not expect miracles. If the history is tarnished by your own mistakes, repair providers are powerless. Remember that there is no legal way to remove accurate and verifiable information.

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