How To Clean Up Your Macbook With The Help Of The Gemini Program

Gemini is the perfect tool for searching and cleaning up your MacBook from the copies and backup files you don’t need anymore. The development studio MacPaw located in Ukraine recently launched the application for deleting the copies of files called Gemini. This application will see the duplicate files and erase ones in minutes. This is a real treasure for those who like to take tons of selfies and after they are staying in the gallery for years because their quantity will require a real bunch of time to delete them all. The second iteration of this program has a couple of things that distinguish the first version from the second one.

The Three Main Differences

1) The Gemini 2 app looks not only for the copies of existing files but for the similar ones also. Per example, if the picture contains one object from the different angles, you will be asked to leave only one photo.

2) The Gemini program in its the second edition can learn on its own, by remembering the criteria for deleting the files. The program learns some algorithms under which you choose the files and photos to delete, and after it suggests the content to delete based on this simple algorithms.

3) The developers have added the elements of gamification to the application. For the work with application and deleting some files, you can achieve some badges and achievements.

The main screen contains only one button. There you can choose the folder that needs to be cleaned up. This application works really fast, per example, an inspection of the MacBook Air have taken less than five minutes, but if you use a usual disk instead of the SSD, it might take some more time.

Which WIll Be The Results?

After cleaning your Mac with Gemini you will free a lot of space that will be free. Do you really need the ten copies of the Statue Of Liberty photo? Even if you do, you will face the choice, and you can leave the photos you really need. The same story goes with the music, even if you listen to the one song several times, you don’t really need five copies of it, for sure. Don’t waste the valuable space on your Mac.

Many users are pleased by the results obtained with the Gemini cleaner. Feel free to become one of them!

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