How to Debate a Liberal and Win (Avoiding anger and using facts)

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For the longest time, I had much built-up anger against liberals. Every time I tried to have a discussion, this anger came out and lead to a bad place. Calling them names, personal attacks, etc.
Fortunately I came across Ben Shapiro, and watched many of his videos. I want to share you with the basics of what I learned, and how you can use it to your advantage.
Note: This isn’t exactly what’s in the video, just some things that I picked up along the way. Watch the video for the full presentation.
1. Frame the debate. The liberal will generally always try to use an opinion as fact. In this situation, you must frame the debate using a factual point of view. For example, if a liberal says “Trump is a racist”, I might say “You’re telling me a racist employs thousands of blacks/Hispanics, and married a woman who is from Slovenia?”. The liberal may respond with “It doesn’t matter, he’s still a racist”, and I might say, “You know what, you are the racist, you’re the one calling Trump a racist without any evidence whatsoever. That means you’re a bully and a nasty human being. If you’re that type of person then we can’t have a rational conversation. If you want to learn the facts, then maybe we can talk about it.”
2. Do not get angry. We all know that liberals are bullies. They do not want to use facts, they prefer to argue with “feelz” instead. This can cause you to immediately go off on personal attacks. Do not do this. Beat them with logic and facts instead.
3. Know your facts. Have a good understanding of economic issues, trade deficits, FBI crime statistics, illegal immigration, foreign policy, gun statistics, and anything else that you think will be brought up during the debate.
4. Do not fall into their trap. The liberal will always try to make you feel guilty, because it makes them feel good. It’s what they are taught to do, it’s their only play. Do not fall into this trap, keep re-framing the debate back to a factual point of view. Never let them debate on “feelz”.
5. They do not have control of you. Despite what the liberal may think, their insults have no power over you. So regardless of if they call you a racist, sexist, whatever, it doesn’t matter. You have the facts, they have opinions. Keep debating them with facts, as the liberal cannot win a factual debate.
6. Pick your battles. Remember that 90% of liberals will not change their views, so you have to pick your battles. Ben, for example, recommends to always debate a liberal in front of a large crowd, and embarrass them as much as possible. The average liberal may not be worth wasting your time, because at the end of the debate, even if you have all the facts, their views will not change.

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