How to disarm a nation: Trick the public into begging for it

I saw this picture on a news article and I found it a little funny. “Gun Control is a public health issue!” Everyone is out there blaming the guns, but seem oblivious to the fact that all these shooters have one thing in common- they’re all doped up on psychiatric Rx. Why isn’t anyone addressing the mental issues behind the shootings, rather than the middleman tools used for them? If your house fell down, would you blame the hammer or the carpenter who used it?
Are xanax’d millennial’s going to be the generation that begs to destroy the constitution? Many of these kids were all born post 9/11 and have been raised in a drastically different world than the generations before them, they’ve been born into the heaviest age of propaganda the U.S. has yet to see with normalized spying and domestic surveillance.. it’s crazy how different society is compared pre 9/11 yet by the next generation people won’t know any different.
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