How to get to 200k deaths. A blueprint.

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by Venus230

FACT: 1.4 million healthcare workers were laid off because of the lack of cash flow in hospitals nationwide after elective surgeries were banned by government.

FACT: Hospitals were on the verge of bankruptcy all across the nation for the same reason.

FACT: The federal government provided hospitals with $13,000 dollars per medicare Covid patient, and further incentivized ventilator use with an additional $39,000, which studies show were up to 90% deadly.

FACT: The staff in hospitals do not need to test alleged Covid victims before or after death to say they died of Covid. Symptoms are plenty.

FACT: The New York Times reported that 3,7000 UNTESTED Covid deaths were added to the overall death count in NYC on April 14th when they did a readjustment including “probable deaths”. That’s the equivalent of an extra 144 million federal aid dollars distributed to NYC area hospitals with a quick Bullshit adjustment to the numbers. Who knows how many thousands of others were added to the death toll that were never tested and never were covered by MSM.

At a time when hospitals were on the verge of bankruptcy everywhere, hospital administrators had no means to keep their hospitals afloat unless they pressured their doctors to write up whatever they could as a Covid death. This was made legal by the CDC’s own definitions of how to classify.

This is a well engineered hoax, all of it.




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