How to have sex and stay a virgin! Ex-Mormon reveals how unmarried couples practice ‘soaking’ to be intimate without sinning – where a man penetrates a woman but doesn’t MOVE

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Ex-Mormon Lexi McDonald, of Idaho, went viral with a video about ‘soaking’
The term refers to a man sexually penetrating a woman but ‘with no movement’
Belief is that the lack of movement means the couple is not ‘sinning’
Lexi explained there is also ‘jump soaking’ where a close friend will manipulate the bed to ‘create movement’ in order for the couple to feel greater stimulation

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An ex-Mormon has gone viral with a video explaining the sexual practice of ‘soaking’ among unmarried couples.

Lexi McDonald, of Idaho, explained on TikTok that couples not wishing to ‘sin’ by having premarital sex might choose to engage in ‘soaking’, which refers to a man sexually penetrating a woman without thrusting or moving.

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‘Soaking is when you have a man who just “sticks it in” and let’s it soak,’ she said in the clip that has been viewed more than 11million times. ‘The idea behind it is if it’s just in but there’s no moving back and forth, no movement, then it’s not a sin.’

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