How to Sell Products with Your Instagram Account and Make Profit

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As of 2019, Instagram has become a real mega hub for brands, influencers and fans. Today this photo content social network is more than just a feed with your friends’ vacation photos but is also a strong marketing tool. And a marketing tool that sells. If you are interested in selling goods online, you must consider shoppable stories on Instagram. 


Recent studies show that about 60 percent of Instagram users (which is good 600 Million audience) are searching for new products on Instagram. Since February 2018 Brands can tag their products in instagram stories. But since 2019 Instagram has provided a checkout feature that allows not to leave the platform and shop directly in the app. Now you can imagine the real power of Instagram shopping. Target your audience and push them with Instagram stories letting them see a product, read comments and buy it directly from Instagram.


So, if you are not selling goods on Instagram today, it is a good time to start. Instagram shop takes only a few steps to get everything set up and start your business on Instagram to reach the most engaged audience.


Any business that has been approved can now add one product sticker (which includes text color customization) to any instagram story. Every time a user taps on the sticker will result in a visit to the same page as he or she taps on the product post. This page will show product details, description, similar products, prices, etc. 


How it works step by step:


  1. Add an Instagram story with photo or video of a product
  2. Find the product sticker icon in the upper corner of your screen
  3. Add your product (note that you can add only one item per post). Customize text and the color of the sticker.
  4. All tagged products will be identified with a shop bag picture. All the users who tapped this will be redirected to product details and description.


Instagram Discover Section and Shoppable Posts


Keep in mind that there are 200 Millions of people who visit the discovery section to find more relevant content that they will enjoy. Your shoppable posts might be stumbled upon by this huge audience. That is why small and middle sized businesses are praying to appear on the Discovery section of the Instagram app. This is a hard trick that depends on the Instagram engines that show some posts on the top of the discovery section while other posts don’t have a chance to be ever discovered. But take it as an advice to keep the content relevant, work on the description, tags and check the engagement rate. All these metrics influence the chance to be on the discovery section. But if you do this, you own the game.


How to Increase Instagram Likes, Followers and Engagement Rate


If you are looking for better Instagram performance than you have to improve your engagement rate, get more likes, more followers and more views. There are many ways and tools that can help you on this issue. The best practice is to combine paid services and your own efforts. For instance, you can find a lot of Instagram Services and get more Likes and Followers on Likigram. This is a reliable website that is focused on Instagram and helps brands to improve their performance and eventually get better engagement rate. You can Buy Instagram Likes and boost your post to a new level with greater instant likes from real accounts. It is recommended to work on your content quality. Which implies make sure you post relevant content for your target audience and you use proper description text, hashtags and links. Usually all popular posts that already got 1000+ Likes are better at engagement rates than posts with fewer likes. This is where it is helpful to get more chances to be on the discovery section. But do not forget to get more followers to show that your account and business matter and it is popular. Buy Instagram Followers and increase your fanbase instantly.


Summing things up, Instagram Shoppable Stories and Instagram Shoppable posts are must have tools for any business today. As the world is changing and switching to a new era of social media brands, you must win in this booming niche.



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