How To Sell Your Home Privately For Cash To A Local Real Estate Investor

All you have to do to sell your home for cash is find a real estate investor, provide the property information, and wait for the specialist to come up with an offer. After that, you would need to sign the necessary contracts, close the deal, and receive your cash.

Unfortunately, in most cases, if a person or a family wants to sell their house fast, it means that they are going through a rough period in their life. Like a divorce, for example.

The owner might also be willing to sell his house in the shortest timeframe because he urgently needs cash. This might be due to unexpected travel, medical bills, and so on.

Often, such people simply don’t have the time and energy to deal with real estate agents. The selling process might last for ages and the owner may have to make significant house repairs.

And this is where real estate investors take center stage.

Who are these professionals? And how to sell your home privately for cash to a local real estate investor? Let’s find out!

Who Are Real Estate Investors?

Real estate investors buy houses off-market and for cash from the owners who want to sell their property as quickly as possible. 

An investor (sometimes referred to as a ‘cash buyer’) can be a company or an individual who buys properties for cash. After that, the professional repairs the house and either resells it or rents it out to earn profit.

This isn’t exactly a traditional approach that a lot of us are used to. But selling your property to a real estate agent can be a great option because of the following benefits.

The Benefits of Selling Your House to a Real Estate Investor

You can sell the house ‘as-is’

If your property is in poor condition and you don’t have enough resources to repair it, you might find it extremely challenging to sell the house.

But a real estate investor is ready to buy a house in any condition (even if it’s falling apart). Moreover, the investor takes the responsibility for all the necessary repairs.

Another small bonus – you don’t have to worry about cleaning your property, before showing it to the investor or selling it. 

Unlike other buyers who immediately envision themselves living in the property, a professional real estate investor will be able to look past the clutter as it’s the ‘bones’ of the property that the professional would be focusing on.

You will get your cash in the shortest time

There is no need to take pictures of your house, advertise it, and conduct showings. All you have to do is contact an investor and get an offer in as little as 24 hours.

The whole deal can be closed in about 2 weeks.

The investors make it easy for you

You wouldn’t have to deal with tons of paperwork. Moreover, a professional investor would take care of 100% of the closing costs.

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You can decide who you want to sell to

Nowadays, you can find plenty of real estate investors. Feel free to contact at least a few to find the one who would offer the best price.

You would also want to choose someone with the most straightforward communication, who has the necessary connections, a long history of satisfied clients, and the cash on hand.

There are no emotions involved on the buying side

When you are selling to another homeowner, there is always a lot of emotions involved in the deal. For real estate investors, it’s a business, so you wouldn’t have to deal with personal stories, tastes, and prejudices

Do You Need to Sell Your House Fast In Colorado Springs?

A local we buy houses company is a team of home buyers and renovators that are constantly looking for homes in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.

The company is willing to buy your house in as-is condition. Moreover, they will cover all closing costs (those can sometimes be thousands of dollars).

Selling your house ‘as-is’ means that you wouldn’t have to fix the property up and even get rid of the junk that you might have accumulated.

This is, perhaps, the fastest way to sell your property in Colorado Springs. You will get an offer within the first 24 hours and the deal will be closed in 1-2 weeks (in a lot of cases, it takes only 7-10 days).

The main thing that would affect how fast the property is sold is the amount of time it would take to pull existing loan information from the lending institution. However, if you manage to sign the real estate contract in the morning, for example, the title company would be able to request the payoff amount on the same day.

How Does It Work?

  • Submit your property info on the cash buyer’s website (it will only take you a few minutes).
  • The team would then determine the home’s full market value and estimate the total cost of repairs needed.
  • You would then be presented with a fair offer (in most cases, 70-80% off retail value minus the repair costs). You will get to know the number for free and with no obligation.
  • If you agree to the offer, you would have to sign the contracts that are then sent over to a title company where all closing costs are paid.
  • The deal is closed. You can now get your cash and you are finally free to move on with your life.

To Sum Up

Today, you have found out how to sell your home privately for cash to a local real estate investor.

If you live in Colorado Springs or anywhere close, you should definitely take HBR Colorado into consideration. 

You will get a cash offer within minutes. Moreover, the company would do everything they can from their side to make the whole process as simple as it can be (for example, they will take care of the closing costs).

Imagine finally being able to let go of a property within 10 days and to start a brand-new chapter in life with a good amount of cash! Now you have such an opportunity.



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