HUFFPO REPORTER: The Democrats’ Response to the Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak Has Been Disastrous.

via townhall

And yet, have you noticed there hasn’t been much from Democrats on this front. It didn’t dawn on me until two things happened. I read the Huffington Post (yes, you should read what the libs are digesting) and saw “#WhereisJoe” was trending on Twitter. Former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee, is nowhere to be found in the crisis. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ policies are insane, but at least he held some pressers on this matter, mostly to push for his Medicare for All proposal which would have done nothing to shield people from getting sick.

The Democrats are nowhere to be found on this. It’s been Republicans who have been quarterbacking the response on the Hill. HuffPo described their move on this matter as disastrous, as the GOP has taken the leadership role, despite Democrats controlling the House and the money for all this stuff.


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● Airline bailout should come with climate strings attached, Democrats and environmentalists say.

● Rashida Tlaib proposes minting two $1 trillion platinum coins to finance monthly coronavirus debit cards.

What could go wrong?



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