Huge Announcement Made by Gazprom: Only Rubles for Gas from Now On

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by Chris Black

This is huge — I cannot emphasize how big a deal this is.

As a practical matter, European demand for Rubles will mean that the Ruble as a currency will have enormous price support.

Europe will buy Russian gas in Rubles or not at all, so they will end up doing it.

In other words, NATO countries will be forced to pump the Ruble’s value back to what it was before.

Get ready for the PetroRuble and the AgroRuble. This is basically what the petrodollar is.

Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakstnan and Russia amount for something like 40% of world’s wheat production, not to mention other essential commodities like fertilizer, aluminium, neon gas, oil, etc.

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See also  FED Watch - Wed 3/22 2PM Announcement

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