Huge data breach from multiple websites

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Google is reporting that about 20-30 websites that I use have had their user data breached.

  • More than 3 billion user credentials were just posted online as part of a data breach compilation that’s mind-boggling in its scale.

  • This collection of user data is being called the COMB, or the “Compilation of Many Breaches.”

  • This is not the result of a new breach — rather, it pulls together stolen user data from previous breaches of services like LinkedIn and Netflix.

Most of the data breaches you read about involve hacks of specific companies or organizations. A hotel’s credit card database was breached, for example, or an email service provider was hacked, exposing customer data and login credentials which can be used in turn to access more customer data. A newly posted cache of stolen customer details, however, takes this trend to an exponential and much more disturbing level.

This breach that’s just resulted in more than 3.2 billion email-and-password pairs being posted online has been dubbed COMB, the Compilation of Many Breaches. The name is apt because this mother of all data breaches is exactly that — an amalgamation of existing data that had been stolen as part of previous breaches and leaks from companies like Netflix and LinkedIn.





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