HUGE! – "Georgia looks to drop electric voting machines in favor of paper ballots"

A unique effort is underway in Georgia to safeguard elections by taking voting machines back to the future.

“The most secure elections in the world are conducted with a piece of paper and a pencil,” said Georgia State Rep. Scot Turner. “It allows you to continue into the future to verify the result.”

Turner has proposed a bill that would retire Georgia’s electronic touch-screen voting machines and switch to paper ballots that voters would fill out and then be counted by optical scan machines. The technology has been in use for decades to score standardized tests for grade-school students.
“You can try and hack these machines all day long,” Turner said. “But that piece of paper that you can touch and feel and look at is going to give the voter the confidence that the election is actually being recorded the way it should have been.”

Good something very strange was going in Georgia election night. I Remember the media refused to call it though Trump was comfortably ahead the entire time. CNN and MSNBC were sure it was going to be a Clinton win and they looked puzzled it wouldn’t flip.

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