Huge: “How likely is it that Democrats stole votes or destroyed pro-Trump ballots in several states to ensure that Biden would win?”

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And the people who spent the past four years telling us the 2016 election was “hacked” are now saying it imperils democracy to talk about fraud. But when 30% of Democrats think there was fraud, it’s not a crazy fringe theory.


Keep in mind the context of these numbers:

30% of Democrats say it is likely that the Democrats stole votes in this election and 20% very likely.
For the unaffiliated, the numbers are 39% and 19%
For Republicans, the numbers are 75% and 61%
For all voters, the are 74% and 36%

And that is in the face of a massive blackout on this news by almost all the mainstream media and endless efforts by Google, YouTube, Facebook and their kin to deny it.

Do you know what is for me the most telling fact? The morning after the election, while votes were being counted (and miscounted), denials of a fix were already pouring out of the news media. Given that there’d been no time for fact-gathering, that means that those denials were planned in advance and under the assumption that there’d be evidence for suspicion.


Whoa: Nearly a Third of Democrats Believe the Election Was Stolen From Trump

While the election hasn’t been certified, and the results are pending litigation, the media has effectively crowned Joe Biden the victor in the 2020 election, and voters have some strong opinions on the matter.

According to a Rasmussen poll conducted November 17-18, nearly half of likely voters, 47 percent, believe the election was stolen from Trump. If Joe Biden is ultimately certified as the winner, there will undoubtedly be a big fat asterisk on his presidency. This should be very concerning for Joe Biden. President George W. Bush had the 2000 election cast a dark shadow over his presidency, with many Democrats to this day refusing to acknowledge his presidency as legitimate. If Biden is confident in the legitimacy of the results as they stand now, he should be willing to let the process continue, and should publicly express his support for this.


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