HUGE Info Just RELEASED That ENDS Investigation Against Trump! – Mueller Jailed?

by Thinker

The club of crooks and liars are being exposed in the “Drain the Swamp” investigations by Donald Trump. What Americans are learning, is how much wives are playing a role in the corruption that is causing many to lose their jobs and security clearances. Trump giving a nation back to the people and finding out that many who swore an oath, really didn’t mean it.


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Q Reveals Plan for Justice As Sessions Drops Major Hint!!

You can say what you want about Trump, but the debt is going down, U.S. isn’t bombing anyone, funding for non-Americans for abortions cut off! Trump has shut the free American tax dollar tap that has been on free-flow off! There are more jobs than can be filled all over the nation and now its time to get those that were incouraged to be on food stamps to get off them and go to work.

Trump is bringing back something that Americans aren’t used to having…truth, transparency, unity, love, and Jesus!!! The time has come to unite, not for a party, but for the people to “Make America Great Again” and stop and expose those who wish to divide and not bring together.


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