Huge problem in Chicago. Mayor says all city workers must get shot. Police Unions say “hell no”

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There is a standoff in Chicago and it will not end well. Mayor Lightfoot mandated that all city workers must get the vaccine by Oct. 15th.

The very strong police union led by John Catanzara said hell no, they will not comply.

Cops are ready to stay home if need be. Imagine that in Chicago.

From the article: John Catanzara, president of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, said his group is “100% against mandated vaccines for our members,” according to a statement given to Fox 32.

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“This vaccine has no studies for long-term side effects or consequences. None,” Catanzara told the Chicago Sun-Times. “To mandate anybody to get that vaccine, without that data as a baseline, amongst other issues, is a ‘Hell, no’ for us.”



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