HUGE: US Passes Switzerland as World’s Most Competitive Economy in New Global Rankings.

GENEVA — Organizers of the annual Davos conference ranked the United States first in their ranking of the world’s most competitive economies for the first time in a decade Wednesday, saying the No. 1 spot reflects a new methodology and long-term factors more than recent policies of the Trump administration.

The World Economic Forum said its “Global Competitiveness Report” is based on nearly 100 separate factors in a dozen categories that have been reworked slightly to better reflect today’s rapidly changing, increasingly digitized world economy.

The U.S. is followed by Singapore, Germany, Switzerland and Japan in the top five spots among the 140 economies considered. In nearly 40 years of the group’s rankings on competitiveness, the U.S. previously earned top honors in 2008. Switzerland was No. 1 last year.

Nearly all of the top 30 performers are developed economies in Asia and Europe, along with Israel at 20, the United Arab Emirates at 27, China at 28 and Qatar at 30. Many African countries again lagged, and they have shown few signs of significant improvement, forum analysts said.Zahidi said.

Get on folks before its too late