Huge War About to Start in Syria. Get Ready!

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Turkey,Russia, China, US and Iran are about to go at it. I hope you are all prepared for what is coming.
This is about to kick off.
Use Google Translate.…%BF%CE%B9/


Dimpenews article
The next few days will be tough and full of surprises with a US-Russia conflict leading perhaps to a mini-world war ahead of time. Any US quadrilateral attack on Syrian and Iranian targets will necessarily lead to a reaction. If this begins, this battle could be the biggest and the last of the story. But this only days that come will be told by Abdel Bari Atwane the editor-in-chief of the Arabic-based London site »Ray al -yaoum “. The Wall Street Journal, considered adjacent to the US administration, previously reported that senior Donald Trump officials “are studying the possibility of American strikes against Russian and Iranian forces in Syria.”

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Germany is sending their army into IDlib to back up the US.…2612853760


It’s a game of chicken right now, the US has a long history of bullying Russia and getting away with it. Now Russia is ready to fight. Could be bad if the US doesn’t back down. With Trump in the white house who knows what will happen.



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