Hungarian PM responds to Belgian PM's threat of force to accept Muslim migrants

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This sounds like they plan on invading Hungary.
It’s time to break up the EU. Nations can then from a new union if they want, based strictly on trade.
‘Hungary First’: Orbán Vows to ‘Fight Those Who Want to Change the Christian Identity of Europe’
Viktor Orbán has vowed to put “Hungary first” and fight those within the European Union who “want to change the Christian identity of Europe”.

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See also  Nancy Pelosi wants to force pro-life Americans to fund babykilling

8 thoughts on “Hungarian PM responds to Belgian PM's threat of force to accept Muslim migrants

  1. What, the EU will start a war with Hungary and the other Visegrad countries?
    What do the Brussels bureaucrats think they are going to achieve?
    The EU, created by the financial elites for the financial elites, is the real enemy
    of Europe and the Europeans.

  2. They are doing SO WELL defending their own citizens …..
    We killed countless “communists” because the Commies were going to take our JOBS, Our HOMES, and Our WAY of LIFE.
    Well our treasonous politicians are GIVING them away.
    Why are we wasting TRILLION$ on weapons to fight Russia and China? Our borders are wide open to pillaging, raping, murdering invaders and the PEDOpriests & politicians “welcome” them.
    All the Russians & Chinese have to do is drop their weapons and WALK into America and Europe, demand refuge and WELFARE and make themselves at home. Our PANSY ASSED MISSleaders will give them your Social Security and Country.
    Remember that Chinese general who threatened to ship 100million peasants here? The PEDOpriests/politicians would love that.
    NATO wants to take on RUSSIA?! (and maybe China)
    NATO cannot defend it’s own people at HOME.
    NATO cannot beat ISIS-AlQueda-Taliban-AlNusra
    NATO families will be raped & murdered as NATO Troops fight far from home.
    NATO installations will be sabotaged by Refujihadi Invaders.
    NATO Troops should turn their weapons on their ENEMIES that are betraying them.
    NATO defeated itself by being invaded and overrun by the REFUJIHADIS from the wars NATO started but can’t FINISH …………. THAT has to be a FIRST in all history.
    Waffling and ranting about the Russian threat whilst the real enemy marches in our gates.
    We pay them to plot against us.
    We pay them to out breed us.
    We watch while they commit treason and sedition.
    We hand the west to them on a plate.
    Only Russia, Poland, Hungary are standing up and fighting them.

    • Russian insider:
      America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars
      “And if someone’s feelings are hurt, too bad. We don’t need a war with Iran because Israel wants one and some rich and powerful American Jews are happy to deliver. Seriously, we don’t need it.”
      Philip Giraldi Sep 19, 2017

  3. The EU is the enemy of europe. All countries should leave that fascist organization that was only meant to be lords over europe.

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