Hyperinflationary mentality is here

by mementoil

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Today I stepped into the hardware store, to buy some turpentine. The owner quoted me a price, which was double the price I paid for the same product eight months ago. I didn’t argue, because I am well aware how prices have gone up, and besides I was in a hurry. But the store owner himself began to apologize. He was embarrassed to charge such a sum for a simple and common product. I told him that it wasn’t his fault, and that this is the result of inflation. I told him that these price increases may calm down for a while, because we are probably entering a recession, but that in the long run I expect prices to go much higher. To that he bitterly replied, that we are not entering a recession, but already deep into one. I told him that I no longer fret about prices, and that I just buy what I need right now, because I only expect prices to go higher. He agreed wholeheartedly. Ladies and apes, I’m afraid what I have just described is the mentality of hyperinflation. When people would rather hold any kind of commodity rather than the national currency, that is the definition of hyperinflation. And it’s happening in front of our very eyes.


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