HYPOCRISY: McCready (D) Slams GOP Opponent for Not Believing in Public Schools, Sends Children to $18K Private School.

via freebeacon:

Democratic congressional candidate Dan McCready (N.C.) on Sunday accused his Republican opponent Dan Bishop of not believing in public schools, despite sending his children to a private school that costs $18,000 a year.

McCready, who will be facing state Sen. Bishop in a September 10th special election for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, participated in the Fayetteville NAACP candidate forum, where he claimed Bishop’s policies hurt public school teachers.

“Someone told me in Fairmont, which is a small town in Robeson County—a substitute teacher for 14 years. When she started she made $14 an hour,” McCready said. “Guess what she makes right now? 14 years later. Ten. 14 years later—She started at $14 an hour. She’s making $10.”

“This is what these politicians like state Sen. Bishop do,” McCready added. “They don’t believe in public schools. They do anything they can to conduct a war on schools.”

McCready later repeated his charge about Bishop, saying, “I really believe that some of these politicians don’t actually believe in public schools.”

McCready’s attack line on Bishop could be considered hypocritical, considering he has enrolled some of his kids, ages 2 to 8, into a private school in Charlotte, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation.





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