Hypocrite Hanoi Jane partners with online fundraising platform that gives away gas-guzzling cars & air travel

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by DCG

Fonda and fellow libtards flying via private jet in 2018 to promote a movie

Hanoi Jane is all about protecting the environment a good PR stunt these days and protesting in the name of “climate change.”

Except when she’s flying via private jet, of course.

Last week Hanoi Jane posted a picture on Instagram that is a partnership with Omaze. The winner of the Omaze promotion will join Hanoi Jane and Lily Tomlin on the set of their “Grace and Frankie” show. Flights and hotel included for this experience.

About Omaze, from Wikipedia“Omaze is an online fundraising platform that offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences and exclusive merchandise in support of charitable causes.

Omaze is a privately owned, for-profit company which has two models to raise funds for charities. When you contribute $10 for the chance to win a celebrity experience (set visit, dinner date, tickets to a premiere, etc.), $6 is donated to charity, $2.50 on average goes towards marketing expenses and credit card fees, and Omaze nets the remaining $1.50. A $10 contribution for the chance to win a prize-based experience (like a car, vacation or tuition) breaks down as follows: $1.50 is donated to charity; $7 typically goes to sourcing and shipping the prize, covering the winner’s taxes, marketing the experience, and processing credit card fees; and $1.50 goes to Omaze. These experiences require substantially more resources to secure the prize and help spread the word.”

Let’s take a look at some of the items/experiences you can win from Omaze, shall we? From their Instagram:

• “Down to hit the slopes on the ultimate #ParkCity, Utah trip? @backcountry will even throw in a new outerwear kit for you and your friend! Support the Utah Avalanche Center and ENTER through our bio link. #omazetravels #omaze #utah” (So you’re going to FLY to this event, courtesy of Omaze?)
• “You could win one of the 55 #AlfaRomeo #Stelvio Quadrifoglio NRING editions made for the US—plus $20,000! Support PATH and enter with our bio link. #omazecars #omaze” (Average gas mileage on this baby is 22 mpg)
• “Hit the gas/our bio link and enter to win this restored 1968 Ford® Mustang GT Fastback inspired by the movie #Bullitt! Donations benefit the #GasMonkeyFoundation. #omazecars #omaze #linkinbio” (Gas mileage on this baby is around 13 mpg)
• “Here = #BoraBora. And you could win a luxurious vacation to stay at the 5-star hotel where the #Kardashians stayed! Enter with our bio link.” (Air travel miles from New York City to Bora Bora: Over 6,300 – one way)
• For your chance to win the first #BRABUS edition of the #Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S made in the US (plus $20,000!), click the link in our bio and enter today. (A car with a V-8 engine and averages 17 mpg)
• “Coziest vacation EVER. For your chance to experience the magic of #Finland from a #glassigloo (and see the #northernlights), support @protectourwinters and enter with the bio link. #omazetravels #omaze #visitfinland # igloohotel” (Round trip air travel miles from New York City to Finland: Over 8,200)

So while Hanoi Jane protests about climate change because “we can’t afford to wait,” she partners with an organization that gives away air travel experiences and gas-guzzling cars which contribute to climate change.

You can’t make this stuff up. What a typical Hollyweird hypocrite.




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