I Am Amazed – You Will Be, Too – Just Put +++ Together.

by Ruby Henley
First of all, in order to understand the significance of the tweet below, you must watch the video, too. When you do that, coupled with the tweet, you will be amazed. I will be listing “breadcrumbs” from 4chan for you to consider. Do not forget to put +++ together. God bless America!

My visit to Japan and friendship with PM Abe will yield many benefits, for our great Country. Massive military & energy orders happening+++!
Published on Nov 7, 2017
Recent Tweets by @realDonaldTrump have convinced me that Halloween Breadcrumbs by Q on /Pol are the real deal. MS-13 killed Seth Rich under DS orders. Happening+++! Tweet and Gillespie MS-13 tweet by @Potus have convinced me that Q is true bread crumbmeister for 4.10.20!
**+++! POTUS Tweet Confirms /Pol ANON Real;  Q= NO LARP! BCP Feasting on Bread Crumbs! 4.10.20 is Maga!**  
There is another signature being used as of a couple of days ago which was VQC+++. This person goes on to say that the +++ might interrupt the functions of ‘bots’ that are scanning and recording the information being released there. Here are some of the important posts they wrote:
(4Chan) (Thu 09 Nov 2017 02:00:28)
Bots are written in OO language so why would +++ break them?
How can you use that in threads?
Why is that important?
(4Chan) (Thu 09 Nov 2017 02:00:28)
What is a redpill?
What is a cascade?
What is the domino affect?
Why is that important?
What makes memes go viral?
Do memes hold truth?
Why are the left bad at memes?
Do the arguments of the left hold up?
Why is that important?
What are the other redpills like NK being fake in many ways?
Why was Diana killed after surviving the accident?
What did she know?
Why is that important now?
Is the House of Cards about to fall?
How can you help?
Why are autistic spectrum people easier to redpill?
Do folks on the spectrum see patterns better?
Are autists harder to lie to?
Why is this important?
Why does POTUS love pol and autists?
(4Chan) (Thu 09 Nov 2017 03:04:12)
This domino will come last.
The others will fall because of SA and NK, you only have to watch now.
We are safe.
China is on board.
The indictments are ready.
The Titanic LEAKs of all time are coming.
Nothing can stop this.
Extractions are complete.
God bless you and God bless the United States of America
(4Chan) (Thu 09 Nov 2017 21:56:14)
Why is it important to keep your enemies close *tracked*?
Why do you seal canned goods?
Why does the real prince sleep on a mattress on the floor?
Who supplies security for the nuclear facilities not controlled by the swamp?
How will the light penetrate the darkness?
Who will come in the darkness?
Are we ready for the darkness?
What goes from 38°4437.57N 104°5048.40W to 39.8561° N 104.6737° W?
Will the Patriots leave?
How much will the red pill cost?
Can the price be paid?
Who makes the cards?
When are they from?
Th 5:21
Now you decide what you think about putting the +++ together.  I have said enough.